Dmitry Resinets EX CALL: UR5GFO

26 Wostochnaya str., apt.7



I was born on 13th of January, 1985 in Kherson, Ukraine In 1995, when I had only 10 years, I visited the club station UR6GWZ with the school excursion. I liked what I saw and I decided to learn Morse Code and became a radioamateur. In 1998 I received my own callsign UR5GFO, which I had succesfully changed to UW1GZ on 20.feb.2005 :-) I like to work in the different contests, and I was very active in it during last 5-7 years, but now I have 2 jobs and studying at the institute, so I do not have much time for contests and radio now... :-( Anyway, hope you've find this page helpful. Hope we can meet each other in the air sometime! SMS' and calls are welcome +380 (93) 764 57 57

73 from Ukraine!

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